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26.02.2020, Wednesday

Our special offer for 2010!

Szerviz7 administrational software (invoicing, storage management, client database) free demo version

  • Worksheet hadnling
  • Invoicing
  • Client database
  • Storage management
  • Cashier
  • Vehicle technical database
  • Management statistics
149.000 Ft
Let's try the demo of Szerviz7 administrational software for free without any costs and obligations! Szerviz7 számlázó, raktárkezelő, ügyfélkezelő adminisztrációs program bemutató (demo) verziója

now only 149.000 Ft

For further information click here!


For further information click here!


2018.05.10 20:50

Invoicing, storage management, client database, vehicle diagnostics, technical database

Termékeink: számlázó, raktárkezelő, ügyfélnyilvántartó adminisztrációs programok, járműdiagnosztikai eszközök, járműtechnikai adatbázisok Pl.: Vivid Workshop és TruckData, Jaltest diagnosztika

Invoicing, storage management, client database software products

Szerviz7 adminisztrációs, számlázó, ráktározó ügyfélnyílvántartó program

The Szerviz administraional software family has a long history. In 1993 it was born as simple, but yet a Windows based software, which was for own use only at the first time. Some collegues who came in to our workshop saw something special in the software and they believed in technology so they bought it and started to use it..


Vehicle diagnostic devices

Delphi, Jaltest, Carsoft, OP-COM, VAG-COM járműdiagnosztika



Delphi diagnostics
Delphi diagnostic device for personal vehicles, commercial vehicles, turcks above 3,5T and trailers

Jaltest diagnostics
 Heavy duty vehicle

Carsoft diagnostics
Mercedes, BMW és Mini diagnostics

OP-COM diagnostics
Opel diagnostics

VAG-COM diagnostics
Volkswagen-Audi Group diagnostics

Vivid WorkshopData TruckData vehicle technical database

Vivid WorkshopData és TruckData járműtechnikai adatbázis

Vivid WorkshopData és TruckData vehicle technical database by Indas Kft. .


Text message and chain letter sender, client management and client database software

Sms és körlevél küldő, ügyfélkezelő és ügyfél nyílvántartó program

You can send electronical and physical letters or short text messages to your clients to mobile or even to wired line networks. With the help of the prepared samples the messages are all the same, but however also personal at the same time. It's a very efficient way to stay in touch with business clients and partners in every work fields.


Client és Partner databse software

Ügyfél és Partner nyilvántartó program

It is a very efficient and simple client managing and registry system, which can be used at every type of businesses, which is in continuous contact with its business partners and clients. With the help of this software you can get an accurate and fast answer to your questions by only one button.




2018.05.10 20:50
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